Welcome To Drive Adelaide Driving School

We offer complete driving lessons in Adelaide for pure beginner drivers through to mature experienced drivers who need their skills assessed to enable continued safe driving.

At Drive Adelaide Driving School we offer qualified driving tuition to ALL new drivers including drivers with disabilities, from other countries and cultures as well as fleet drivers, executives and senior citizens seeking to polish their skills, sequences and awareness.

Drive Adelaide Driving School doesn’t discriminate and offers a friendly, calm and patient learning environment.

We offer individually tailored lesson plans ensuring each student becomes proficient in all the skills they’ll need to not only pass their test, but become excellent drivers.

Drive Adelaide Driving School is based in Hawthorn just 4.5km from the CBD and we cover Adelaide Central, up to the Hills and South to Belair and Darlington.

Drive Adelaide is now CBT&A Motor Driving Instructor also often called Logbook certified.

At Drive Adelaide, we can:

  • offer driving lessons and preparation for your VORT
  • sign off your Log Book forms
  • sign off CBT&A tasks
  • issue a certificate of competency
  • Congratulations to Molly, Anne, Marcus, Adam and Madeleine on passing your Task 30 and completing your driver training to become Provisional licensed driver during November 2019.A special call out to Dominic who also passed his on road test with a near perfect score of 98% ! 
  • got it
    Got It!
    Happy P-Plater
  • Driving License
    Thanks for everything, you're the best
    Driving Lessons Adelaide
  • Driver
    Congrats to Paddy on passing your test with such a high score & the sun in your eyes!
    CG from Springfield
    Driving Lessons Adelaide
  • Driving Lessons Adelaide
    Thank you Tim for your wonderful instructing, encouragement and patience.We are so happy to have had you as Telopia’s instructor.
    Helene - Telopia's Mum
    Driving Lessons Adelaide
  • Emily Driving Lessons Adelaide
    Congratulations Emily!
    Drive Lessons Adelaide
  • driving lessons adelaide
    Thank you ? I want to be a good driver, unlike some fully licensed drivers that I've observed while out practicing.
    Driving Lessons in Adelaide
  • Customers
    “KH had 3 instructors before find one who’d listen without judging! Ready to go driving independently now!”
    KH & Mum
    Driving Lessons Adelaide
  • Success
    Thank you Tim for my licence conversion, from Korea!
    Driving Lesson in Mitchell Park
  • License
    Congratulations to Anastasia from Unley for successfully passing her driving test.
    Anastasia from Unley
    Driving Lessons Adelaide
  • Bryce
    Congratulations Bryce on a great final drive to earn his P's.  Great luck to you on a safe beginning to your independent driving career!
    Driving Lessons Adelaide
  • Disability Driving Classes
    Hi Tim , P s finally in Hals hands and driving home a happy Chappy , thanks to you
    HS at Edwardstown
    Driving Lessons Adelaide
  • Best Driving School
    Congrats MS
    “Every picture tells a story”
    Now just waiting to turn 17!
    MS & Mum Jo from St Peters
    Driving Lessons Adelaide
  • Drive in Adelaide
    Congrats to Elizabeth; our first 100% student!
    Driving Lessons Adelaide
  • Driving License
    Thank you so much Tim!
    Driving Lessons in Inner West Adelaide
  • CBT&A Driving Test
    Thanks Tim for all your work with James.  Much appreciated.  Great support.
    Driving Lessons in Adelaide
  • Drive Adelaide
    Mitcham Girls High students can make perfect reverse parking. Even In Manual!
    Mitcham Girls
    Driving Lessons Adelaide
  • “Thank you so much, you have been amazing, Toby has thrived under your instruction and now points out driving protocol to me! He has also benefited from the time he has spent with you in general. I feel very fortunate that our paths have crossed. I was very nervous about the whole learning to drive experience but you made it so easy. Thank you“
  • driving lessons adelaide
    Lucy now has her p1s! Thanks for all you've done Tim. I wouldnt have been able to teach her on my own!
    Mel - Lucy's Mum
    Driving Lessons Adelaide
  • Certified Drivers
    Thank you Tim. I've learned a lot from you and I'm very grateful to have found you as my instructor. I will call you for manual lessons soon!
    Driving lessons in Adelaide City
  • Driving Lessons Adelaide
    Thanks Tim, thanks for teaching me and giving me the best advice.
    Driving Lessons Adelaide
  • CB from Clapham.
    After a difficult time with VORT, CB achieved a great pass and a higher level of training through cbt&a- Logbook. Mum said "Whooo Hooo!
    CB from Clapham.
  • Liz Allan
    Tim was kind enough to provide Maddy with log book sessions after she had two negative experiences with other instructors. Tim helped Maddy get her licence quickly and with patience and encouragement, and he was even kind enough to rearrange his schedule so that she could do her final test on Christmas Eve. We can't recommend Tim enough, he's a wonderful instructor.Thanks again, Liz and Maddy
    Liz Allan
    Driving Lessons Adelaide
  • Andrea
    Please congratulate Andrea on completing cbt & a and returning to driving as a mature student!
    Driving Lessons Adelaide
  • Adelaide Driving Lessons
    Fantastic!  Thank you so much Tim.
    Driving Lessons Adelaide
  • Log Book Driving Lessons Adelaide
    The logbook often works best when learning with specific requirements!  Well done and congratulations.
    Logbook Driving Classes
  • Manual Driving Lesson in Aberfoyle Park
    I want to say thank you for all the help and support you've given me.  I had a bit of a tough time at the beginning, but without that tough time I wouldn't have met you!  I am forever greateful for all the help you've given me, you're truly awesome.
    Aberfoyle Park Driving Lessons

Drive Adelaide Driving School offers:


  • Highly-skilled driving instructor who utilise the best teaching methods so you get all the facts.
  • Overseas drivers licence conversions
  • Preparation for VORT (vehicle on road test)
  • CBT&A (Logbook) Certified


  • Friendly driving instructors know how to make your lessons fun, enjoyable and productive.
  • Beginner driving lessons in a safe environment


  • Driving Instructors who are familiar with and local to your area to best serve your needs.
  • Pickup from school, home or work


  • New model cars with no embarrassing rooftop signs!
  • Driving Lessons in a brand new Megane Hatch (with Modifications) or Honda Jazz
  • Group Driving Lesson refresher courses


  • A family-built business with a welcoming and friendly driving instructor. Drive Adelaide Driving School (DADS) understands that parents aren’t always the best person to teach good foundation skills. It’s quite enough to be everything else!
learner driving lessons in adelaide

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