Learn to Drive with a Disability

Learning To Drive With A Disability

Learning to drive with a disability from scratch can be a huge challenge. Whatever your disability, we will help assess your requirements and create a plan to get you driving.

Vehicle Modifications for Disabled Drivers

  • Push Radial
  • Fadiel Hand Control Arm includes: Accelerator with post or trigger control. Brake and Hand Brake, Lights, Flashing Lights, Horn and Indicators
  • Cross Over Indicator Arm with optional high level extension
  • Fadiel Corded Satelite Accelerator and Brake Lever with Indicators, Lights and Toggle Accelerator
  • Left Foot Accelerator
  • Spinner Knobs, Spinner Posts and Tri-Posts for Left and Right Hands
  • Electrically controlled drivers seat to accommodate any driving position

Driving Lessons for Individuals with Disabilities - Perfect 90 Degree Parking with Hand Controls

Learning to Park with Hand Controls

Driving Lessons for Individuals with Disabilities - Vehicle Modifications

vehicle modifications for disabled driver training

Learn to Drive with a Disability


  • Thank you Tim. I've learned a lot from you and I'm very grateful to have found you as my instructor. I will call you for manual lessons soon!
    Driving lessons in Adelaide City
  • driving lessons adelaide
    Thank you 😊 I want to be a good driver, unlike some fully licensed drivers that I've observed while out practicing.
    Driving Lessons in Adelaide
  • driving lessons adelaide
    Lucy now has her p1s! Thanks for all you've done Tim. I wouldnt have been able to teach her on my own!
    Mel - Lucy's Mum
    Driving Lessons Adelaide
  • Bryce
    Please congratulate Bryce and a great final drive to earn his P's and safely begin his independent driving career!
    Driving Lessons Adelaide
  • Manual Driving Lesson in Aberfoyle Park
    I want to say thank you for all the help and support you've given me.  I had a bit of a tough time at the beginning, but without that tough time I wouldn't have met you!  I am forever greateful for all the help you've given me, you're truly awesome.
    Aberfoyle Park Driving Lessons
  • Thanks for everything, you're the best
    Driving Lessons Adelaide
  • Mitcham Girls High students can make perfect reverse parking. Even In Manual!
    Mitcham Girls
    Driving Lessons Adelaide
  • Thank you so much Tim!
    Driving Lessons in Inner West Adelaide
  • Adelaide Driving Lessons
    Fantastic!  Thank you so much Tim.
    Driving Lessons Adelaide
  • Thanks Tim for all your work with James.  Much appreciated.  Great support.
    Driving Lessons in Adelaide
  • Congratulations to Anastasia from Unley for successfully passing her driving test.
    Anastasia from Unley
    Driving Lessons Adelaide
  • Driving Lessons Adelaide
    Thank you Tim for your wonderful instructing, encouragement and patience.We are so happy to have had you as Telopia’s instructor.
    Helene - Telopia's Mum
    Driving Lessons Adelaide
  • Congrats to Elizabeth; our first 100% student!
    Driving Lessons Adelaide
  • Thank you Tim for my licence conversion, from Korea!
    Driving Lesson in Mitchell Park
  • Hi Tim , P s finally in Hals hands and driving home a happy Chappy , thanks to you
    HS at Edwardstown
    Driving Lessons Adelaide
  • Andrea
    Please congratulate Andrea on completing cbt & a and returning to driving as a mature student!
    Driving Lessons Adelaide
  • Congrats to Paddy on passing your test with such a high score & the sun in your eyes!
    CG from Springfield
    Driving Lessons Adelaide
  • “KH had 3 instructors before find one who’d listen without judging! Ready to go driving independently now!”
    KH & Mum
    Driving Lessons Adelaide
  • Congrats MS
    “Every picture tells a story”
    Now just waiting to turn 17!
    MS & Mum Jo from St Peters
    Driving Lessons Adelaide