Learn to Drive with a Disability

Learning To Drive With A Disability

Learning to drive with a disability from scratch can be a huge challenge. Whatever your disability, we will help assess your requirements and create a plan to get you driving.

Vehicle Modifications for Disabled Drivers

  • Push Radial
  • Fadiel Hand Control Arm includes: Accelerator with post or trigger control. Brake and Hand Brake, Lights, Flashing Lights, Horn and Indicators
  • Cross Over Indicator Arm with optional high level extension
  • Fadiel Corded Satelite Accelerator and Brake Lever with Indicators, Lights and Toggle Accelerator
  • Left Foot Accelerator
  • Spinner Knobs, Spinner Posts and Tri-Posts for Left and Right Hands
  • Electrically controlled drivers seat to accommodate any driving position

Driving Lessons for Individuals with Disabilities - Perfect 90 Degree Parking with Hand Controls

Learning to Park with Hand Controls

Driving Lessons for Individuals with Disabilities - Vehicle Modifications

Lodgesons R200 Wireless Spinners

Under Hand controls/Disability Driving- Lodgesons R210 series is versatile and can be used in any position!

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    This is an inspiring story that we were proud to be a part of.  Tim helped teach Katelin how to drive.  (video time 9:11)

    Learn to Drive with a Disability


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      Hi Tim , P s finally in Hals hands and driving home a happy Chappy , thanks to you
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      Thank you so much Tim!
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      Thanks for everything, you're the best
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      Congratulations Emily!
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