International Drivers License Conversions

International Drivers License Conversions

When you first arrive in Australia you are able to drive on an international license but when you get a permanent visa and become a resident, you must get your South Australian driver’s license within three months.

It should be noted the learner’s permits and learner’s licenses from overseas are not able to be converted to a South Australian learner’s permit.

International Drivers Under 20

If you hold a full foreign licence and you are:

  • Under 16, you are not eligible to hold a South Australian learner’s permit or driver’s licence.
  • Under 17, you may be issued a learner’s permit after passing the necessary tests.
  • Under 20, you may be issued a provisional licence after passing the necessary tests.

You must comply with all of the conditions of the licence or permit and the requirements of the graduated licensing scheme.

International Drivers Over 20

If you hold a full foreign licence and are 20 or over, you will be required to pass:

  • a theory test
  • a Hazard Perception Test and
  • a practical driving test, with an authorised examiner.

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Congratulations to

Sandy and Lil on converting your overseas licenses to SA licenses. We are the toughest State to gain a successful license conversion. Happy and safe driving!