Learn to Drive a Manual Car: Limited to 5Km radius of Hawthorn

Drive Adelaide offer manual driving lessons near Hawthorn.

Learning to drive a manual is a really important skill to learn which allows you to drive virtually any vehicle.

  • learn how to master the clutch and gears
  • learn in our car or yours
  • patient instruction
  • get helpful tricks and tips that help you learn how to drive a manual car quickly

Manual Driving Lessons Through CBT&A and VORT

Learn the basics about how to drive a manual and progress your skills up to the VORT test.  We can help.

Learning to control a manual car while also completing skills and Tasks in an Auto may give you the full skill set you require and pass your assessment drives.

We offer Manual Driving Lessons only in Specific Areas Around Adelaide:

  • Adelaide CBD (North to South) to Mitchell Park
  • Myrtle Bank (East to West) to Glandore

Unfortunately we cannot offer manual driving lessons to a huge catchment area given the time requirements enabling us to get to many different places.  If you are interested in manual driving lessons and you are in one of these areas we are happy to work with you or if you can come to these areas we welcome the opportunity to provide manual driving lessons.

Manual Driving Lessons Adelaide
Manual Driving Lesson in Aberfoyle Park

Driving Lessons in a Manual Car