Learn to Drive an Automatic Car

Drive Adelaide offer driving lessons in an automatic or manual cars in Adelaide.

We make learning to drive in an automatic car simple.

  • learn to drive in a new automatic car
  • patient instruction
  • get helpful tricks and tips that help you learn how to drive an automatic car quickly
  • CBT&A driving lessons
  • Logbook driving lessons
  • VORT driving lessons

Driving Lessons in an Automatic – Get Ready for the VORT (test)

Learn the basics about how to drive an automatic and progress your skills up to the VORT test.  We can help.

Learn to Drive an Automatic Car


  • Thanks Tim for all your work with James.  Much appreciated.  Great support.
    Driving Lessons in Adelaide
  • Thank you so much Tim!
    Driving Lessons in Inner West Adelaide
  • Thank you Tim for my licence conversion, from Korea!
    Driving Lesson in Mitchell Park
  • Thank you Tim. I've learned a lot from you and I'm very grateful to have found you as my instructor. I will call you for manual lessons soon!
    Driving lessons in Adelaide City
  • Manual Driving Lesson in Aberfoyle Park
    I want to say thank you for all the help and support you've given me.  I had a bit of a tough time at the beginning, but without that tough time I wouldn't have met you!  I am forever greateful for all the help you've given me, you're truly awesome.
    Aberfoyle Park Driving Lessons
  • Thanks for everything, you're the best
    Driving Lessons Adelaide
  • driving lessons adelaide
    Thank you 😊 I want to be a good driver, unlike some fully licensed drivers that I've observed while out practicing.
    Driving Lessons in Adelaide
  • driving lessons adelaide
    Lucy now has her p1s! Thanks for all you've done Tim. I wouldnt have been able to teach her on my own!
    Mel - Lucy's Mum
    Driving Lessons Adelaide
  • Adelaide Driving Lessons
    Fantastic!  Thank you so much Tim.
    Driving Lessons Adelaide
  • Driving Lessons Adelaide
    Thank you Tim for your wonderful instructing, encouragement and patience.We are so happy to have had you as Telopia’s instructor.
    Helene - Telopia's Mum
    Driving Lessons Adelaide
  • Congrats to Paddy on passing your test with such a high score & the sun in your eyes!
    CG from Springfield
    Driving Lessons Adelaide
  • Congratulations to Anastasia from Unley for successfully passing her driving test.
    Anastasia from Unley
    Driving Lessons Adelaide
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Learn to Drive an Automatic Car