Lost Driver License Points

Lost  Your Driver Licence Points?

Drive Adelaide driving School wants to work with you when you’ve lost driver licence points.  Whether you have one ticket or if you’re close to 12 demerit points,we’ll get your driving back on track with a refresher lesson at Drive Adelaide Driving School.

Points can be lost for a variety of reasons

  • Lack of Speed Management will cost you licence points
  • Ignoring or disobeying traffic signs, signals will lose you licence points
  • Tailgating and illegal use of the carn horn (warning device) will also cost you licence points
  • And the BIG one: Drink Driving will also lose you licence points, possilby you life and the lives of others

Some drivers lose licence points in several of these categories. When this happens, we recommend a short driver re-education program, enabling the driver to return to the road safely and with confidence.