Mature Driver Training

Mature Driver Training

Drive Adelaide offers driving classes to students of all ages.  Mature drivers who need a refresher or those who are just starting our are encouraged to contact us.  Our approach to driving lessons is patient, thorough and safe.

Our Instructors are all over 50 years old, so we know where you’re coming from as a mature driver

We will work with you to quickly acertain your strengths and weaknesses, because as mature drivers, it could easily be 30 years or more since your last assessment. Things have changed!

  • Do you find yourself avoiding certain area’s at certain times?
  • No longer feel comfortable with the Britania Roundabout?
  • Can you drive in the city bus-lanes?
  • Would rather not drive at night?
  • Are all school crossings the same?
  • These are familiar questions from mature drivers. We can give you the tools to regain the confidence to deal with these and many other questions.

Recently there have been some changes in South Australia affecting drivers over 75 years of age.

Congratulations Erica, on passing your VORT using hand controls this month! It’s not easy, being examined after so many years of driving independently

Congratulations too to Marie and Mick who also passed their VORT’s in December 2016 with modications, allowing them to continue driving safely

Changes For Older Drivers

A new process that requires older motorists to assess their own ability to drive is now in place.

Under a new process, drivers aged 75 years and older, who don’t have a pre-existing medical condition, will now have to complete a yearly questionnaire that will determine their fitness to drive.

The change follows the removal of mandatory medical tests for drivers aged 70 and over, which were scrapped last year.

The compulsory self-assessment form contains 11 questions. The answers provided will determine if a visit to a doctor is needed.

The self-assessment process only applies to those with a normal car licence, known as C-class. If you have a different licence type – such as for a truck or a motorcycle – you’ll still need to visit your doctor for an annual medical test.

If you already have a medical condition recorded against your licence, you’ll also still have to visit a medical practitioner to get your fitness to drive form approved.

Drivers aged 75 and over with no pre-existing medical conditions will automatically receive the form in the mail each year and, if there’s no medical condition to declare, they can post it or return it in person to anyService SA Customer Service Centre, or lodge it online via EzyReg.

Remember, all drivers – regardless of their age – are legally required to report any medical condition that could affect their ability to drive. Health practitioners are also required to notify the Registrar of Motor Vehicles if they consider a person unfit to drive.