Regain Your Driving Confidence

Regain Your Driving Confidence

Whether you are simply a “nervous driver” or you’ve been in an accident and you’ve lost your driving confidence we would love to work with you to help you regain your driving confidence. Loss of driving confidence can also occur because

  • You have had surgery
  • You may have returned from an extended stay in another country. Some countries have a different orientation and drive on the right side of the road.
  • You have lost too many or all of your licence points
  • You may have had an adverse assessment and aren’t sure where to go from here.
  • You are recovering from a stroke and or rehabilitating back to normal activites.
  • You may have has an extended illness and not yet considered the possibility of gaining a drivers licence.

Some of our instructors have lived through several of these topics, returning to the road with driving confidence and ready to help you.

Message from Lia who passed her VORT after already passing then being “randomly selected” for an unsuccessful audit.

After some retraining

” I passed the test, thanks heaps”

“Ya, thanks you gave my confidence back, felt no pressure just let what would happen. Really big thanks for you, Tim. ”

Changes for older drivers