Why Choose Drive Adelaide?

Drive Adelaide is Adelaide’s premier driving school.  At Drive Adelaide we are student focussed, understanding that each driver learns in different ways and we adapt our driving instruction to suit each individual.

At Drive Adelaide we get students from all across Adelaide, from various driving skill levels and backgrounds, and from all cultures.

Our patient approach to driver training means that you learn in a comfortable yet safe environment at the pace that suits you.

Drive Adelaide Driving School Benefits

  • Drive Adelaide offers an accelerated driver learning program.
  • New 5 Star ANCAP rated driver training instructor cars.
  • If you wish to learn in your manual transmission car, we can teach you!

There are many more advantages, call us, meet us and you’ll see why so many driving students come to Drive Adelaide for their driver training.

We offer both European and Japanese vehicles to train in!

One of our cars in equipped with modifications suitable for drivers with disabilities. These modifications don’t get in the way of able bodied drivers. The list of modifications are shown in the Disabled Drivers section of this website.

One of the benefits is that a cross over indicator arm means that students are able to learn in a luxury european car with right hand indicators!

This car has many other safety feature that are non standard in most other driving school, such as auto active wipers and lights plus much more!

Another benefit is that you can learn at your own pace. Most students are quite self critical, so you don’t need a grumpy, impatient, arrogant or thoughtless instructor.


Drive Safely

Be Prepared for Unexpected emergencies

No matter how many precautions are taken, some emergencies are unavoidable.

Remaining calm and understanding what to do when an on-road emergency takes place will enhance your chances of survival.

Here are a few tips to help you deal with unexpected situations that may arise when travelling.

Engine failure

Engines cut out suddenly for a variety of reasons. Should this happen, put your car into neutral and brake gently.

Remember, braking and steering will require much more effort than usual without the assistance of the engine.

As your car slows, pull off to the side of the road, stop the vehicle and switch the ignition off.

If you’re unable to fix the problem yourself and you’re a member, contact RAA Road Service on 13 11 11.

Shattered windscreen

When driving, particularly along unsealed roads, other vehicles may throw up stones and rocks, causing your windscreen
to shatter.

Should this happen, stop the car in a safe place. Using a blanket or similar, cover all internal and external ventilator openings to prevent pieces of glass falling into them. Cover the bonnet if you have another blanket or similar to protect the bodywork, and then, with your hand covered in a rag or

a piece of clothing, push the windscreen out.

Close all windows to stop through-winds as you drive slowly to the nearest windscreen repairer or dealer.

It’s a good idea to wear glasses while driving to protect your eyes from insects or any pieces of glass that may become dislodged.

If you regularly travel on unsealed roads, you might want to think about carrying a temporary windscreen which can be fitted in place until you reach a repairer.

Accelerator Stuck On

This is not a common problem, but one you may encounter which can create a very dangerous situation. Always stow drink bottles in holders or the boot of your vehicle.

Quickly put your car into neutral, apply the brakes, steer your car off or to the side of the road.

Do not turn your ignition off until you have left the road and stopped. Secure the car with hand brake then select Park or Neutral. Disengaging the ignition while driving may cause the steering to lock.

Once your car is stationary switch the ignition off straightaway, as there is a high risk your engine will become damaged.

Contact The RAA on 13 11 11 or local mechanic and have your vehicle checked to ensure it is safe to be driven.